Free Move & Rebate Guidelines | Texas Apartment Experts

Free Move/Rebate Guidelines:

Texas Apartment Experts goal is to make your transition as simple and as easy as possible. That is why we offer a fantastic apartment finding experience, we will already have your move setup, and we can even turn your lights on at your new apartment home. We don’t charge you any hidden fees.

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General Info:

  • To get any type of compensation like, the free move or rebate, the name of our licensed real estate agent and Texas Apartment Experts must be on the application and guest card.
  • The apartment you have leased must pay us some type of compensation for leasing you.
  • Commission rates are mainly based on the rental rate of the apartment that is leased.
  • Once you have filled out the free move/rebate form Texas Apartment Experts will contact you via email or through your leasing agent.
  • The free move is available in the Houston area.
  • If an apartment is blacklisted, it may not receive the free move, but is still eligible for rebates.
  • What is the blacklist? A list of apartments that are notaries for not paying or take longer than 6 months to pay.
  • You must submit your leasing info through our website to receive our perks.

Free Move:

  • To receive the free move, our agent and Texas Apartment Experts must be on the application
  • Commissions earned must be one-thousand dollars or greater, exceptions can be made if commissions are close.
  • The free move covers the first two hours of the move to be paid for. Which most of the time covers the entire move.
  • After the first two hours you are responsible for the remainder of the move and will pay the movers directly.
  • Please allow a minimum of three business days in between submitting your Free Move/Rebate and your move-in date to allow us setup your move in time.
  • Texas Apartment Experts must receive a lease verification back from the leased property.
  • If you don’t allow for three business days, then you may not be scheduled at your desired time/day or in rare cases not given the free move.
  • For scheduling you will be contacted via email directing you to the moving company’s website for scheduling
  • Items must be limited to what two people can carry safely. Your move will be performed by a 2-man crew.
  • All items must be removed from furniture and drawers and properly packed in taped boxes or plastic totes. Movers will not move items in bags, trash bags or luggage.
  • All items should be disconnected and ready to move. If movers must perform these services, you may incur additional time charges.
  • Move time includes any wait time, such as waiting for you to sign your lease, get your keys, or waiting for you to arrive at a pick up or drop off location. Please complete the lease signing process prior to the arrival of your movers.
  • Movers may refuse to move any item(s) that require going over balconies or through windows.
  • Due to specialty moving requirements, movers will not move any musical instruments such as pianos, guitars, organs or amplifiers.
  • Movers will not move any weapons including guns and/or gun safes.
  • Movers will not move items of extraordinary value such as cash, jewelry or personal safes
  • Texas Apartment Experts has exclusive contracts with several moving companies that you make pick from.
  • You must choose from the provided list of approved movers.
  • Texas Apartment Experts and the moving companies Texas Apartment Experts work with are separate entities and not liable for the others actions.
  • Texas Apartment Experts does not cover any extra fees that you may occur during your move.

Moving Disclaimer:

  • In rare cases, a customer’s lease may fall below our minimum commission requirements. In these situations, we reserve the right to offer a reduced rebate.
  • Texas Apartment Experts and its designated, independent moving company reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. A client who has met the qualifications and is refused service will be compensated with a rebate offer instead of our free move offer.
  • Texas Apartment Experts and/or its agents will not be responsible for damages caused to unboxed items and/or items that are not properly packed.
  • The moving company reserves the right to reschedule moves to the next available time slot due to inclement weather or unforeseen circumstances.
  • Texas Apartment Experts and/or its agents will not be responsible for damages caused to furniture made with or of particleboard.
  • Texas Apartment Experts and/or its agents waive responsibility for damages to any item they believe cannot be moved safely.
  • Customer must sign moving company’s proposal and/or moving services contract before the move begins.
  • Customer acknowledges that Texas Apartment Experts will hire an independent contractor to perform the moving services for customer and that no partnership, joint venture, agency or employment relationship between Texas Apartment Experts and the independent contractor exists.
  • Customer acknowledges that Texas Apartment Experts is not a moving company and is not required to carry insurance as proscribed by the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles and/or the Unites State Department of Transportation.
  • Customer assumes the entire risk related to using Texas Apartment Experts to facilitate a move. Texas Apartment Experts disclaims any and all warranties, whether express or implied, including (without limitation) any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. In no event will Texas Apartment Experts be liable to you or to any third party for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, special or exemplary damages, lost profits, costs and expenses.


  • If you do not wish to receive a free move, but the commission totals one-thousand dollars or more you will receive a rebate of two hundred dollars. Exceptions can be made if commissions are in the nine-hundred dollar range.
  • In the rare occasions for when commissions totaling in five hundred dollars to nine hundred and ninety-nine, the rebate will be fifty dollars.
  • For commissions totaling in less than five hundred, the rebate will be twenty-five dollars.
  • While the free move will be paid for upfront, rebates will not be paid until the apartment management has paid Texas Apartment Experts.
  • Rebates will be mailed via check and sent to the mailing address you submitted through our website.
  • Typical pay time differs from property to property but is normally paid within thirty to ninety days after moving in, but is not limited to.