Frequently Asked Questions | Texas Apartment Experts

Some Answers To Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get Started Working with Texas Apartment Experts?

We want to take the stress out of finding your next apartment. Getting started is easy.

Simply give us a call, or go to the contact us page on our site and give us an idea of what it is you are looking for by filling out the form. 

Our agents will search our database of properties and find apartments that meet your exact needs.

Does Your Service Cost Me Anything?

Our service is totally free for renters. Our fee is paid by the apartment complex so you have absolutely nothing to lose by working with Texas Apartment Experts.

When Do I Get My Rebate?

Once the apartment complex pays our fee, we will send you your rebate of up to $200 right away. The apartment complex will want to make sure you at least pay the first month rent after your initial deposits.

Does Texas Apartment Experts Work With Special Situations?

We can help you find the apartment home you are looking for no matter what the situation is. We work with special needs such as wheelchair access, pet friendly apartments, bus line access, and more.  

In addition, we can also work with background issues such as past evictions, bankruptcy, felonies & misdemeanors, bad credit, HUD, & more.